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Direct contacts

  • CellPhone: 00420-721.007.507
  • E-mail: tpetru[at]anhedonia[dot]cz
  • Jabber/GoogleTalk/Hangouts: tpetru[at]gmail[dot]com
  • PGP KEY: 072C C0AD 88EF F681 5E52 5329 8483 4860 6E19 949D
  • Money flow

    Bank Account [Raiffeisen BANK]: 316965028 / 5500
    IBAN [Raiffeisen BANK]: CZ3224000000000316965028

    Bank Account [Zuno BANK]: 1200278597/2310
    IBAN [Zuno]: CZ2723100000001200278597

    BITCOIN: 1MdDoSeTgUHqxVNECcdDvq6VksC6216sTK


  • Workin for: Visual Unity Global as Technology Researcher
  • Curriculum Vitae: PDF
  • About

  • real Name: Tomas Petru [Tomáš Petru]
  • NickName: overdrive, overdrive23, over, over23, overdrive_cz, overdrive idoru, idoru23, spider
  • Twitter: idoru2393
  • Facebook: overdrive23
  • blog: Date of Hate
  • Google+:
  • Flickr Gallery: overdrive_cz
  • overdrive23
  • Pinterest:
  • Paradigm

    Who Am I? Hard to write, hard to even guess, don't you think so? It sounds like: "Tell me a joke. Good one and !DO IT NOW!"

    TV Studio : Hard workin-good-lookin But lets try to tell [2write] who I think I Am [who I want to be]. Please keep in mind that it is only my point of view; many people have slightly different one and it have a reason 4sure.

    I'm a writer and poet - not an artist or not only.
    I don't even try to "do art" [same as when I use my camera]. I write because I have to, I must. Something inside is pushing me hard to do so. It is like explosion inside of my skull. Dreams, ideas, feelings, examinations, sentences, idioms, archetypes, secrets & desires... anything I can imagine is most easy 2 touch 2 understand 2 use when I write about it.
    That is the reason why it can not be the art or The Art. My texts are just free-hearted draft of me, but it define me as much as it designs me.

    What else to tell? I do like to read, it is kind of addiction, frankly not only one I have, but everybody have sin and poison don't you think so?
    When I'm too boring to write I read [sadly, I never feel myself so boring enough to stop talking].

    Even 80's are long time over I'm still in love with cyberpunk aesthetics and therefore I still love 2 play 80's RPG Shadowrun [2nd ed.]. Love... I love. That is important part, yes it is, rough too...

    My deepest love is dead. She died young & beautiful and something inside me died same day. What a nice cliche don't you think? Yes, cliche is part of my love and life, I just need it...
    Cadaver, soul gone,... you know?! Marriage, funeral, nada.
    I hate myself as much as I'd loved her. No more questions needed, dontcha think?!

    More cliche coming to my mind : "Salt of tears still hurts a lot in the open wound; but more and more life is just mirror image in my eyes as wound heal to scar."
    Or another one I trust : "There is still hope; we will be together once again -even in Hell. This hope never dies and therefore I still have heart." ?
    Fuck it! It was just a love most of you have never even seen, no offense.


  • Spider Jerusalem - because of his need to tell truth from deep of his heart, stomach and filthy brain. because he is completely self accepting poseur
  • Sherlock Holmes - because he can see and understand objective truth as clear as cut diamond. because he never needed mask to withstand he is different
  • John Constantine - because of his own truth he carries and because of mask of bitter cynicism he cover his loneliness
  • HER [Irene Adler] - because I love Her
  • Hobby

    Me and my belloved german boxer Sigurd [RIP 2012]
  • Music - I do not play anything normally, but I really enjoy music and sometimes I produce some noizze with some friends, like Ivan Vaclavek with whom we had band Kristovy Hnaty
  • Protography - as I have already written, I'm not an artist, but I like to take portraits, I like to take pictures of architecture, dead industrial spaces and post-human artefacts
  • Literature - I like to read and I like to write too. Most of my communication is written and therefore I have lot of written output
  • GNU/Linux - best operation and free system based on volunteer work, I was long time user of Ubuntu, now I use Debian. Even under Window$ i still use all of the software that is under GNU license: Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Pidgin, GnuPGP, Gimp, TrueCrypt, Zim Desktop Wiki etc.; I'm triing to be good beta version tester and bug reporter, sometimes I'm translating, too
  • RPG - Role Playing Games - I'm usually gamemaster and word creator usually Cyberpunk RPG Shadowrun, sometimes Draci Doupe, sometimes completely rule-less playing [much more theatrical playing]
  • more will follow... [see tagline, too]

    Tagline / Theorem

    #LOVE #AnArche #Atheism #CyberPunk #Linux #books #music #humanism #rights #LGBT #drugs #booze & #BDSM @Truuzz #AccelerandoCat #PostHuman #information_junkie #Cyberpunk_Cowboy


  • Get psych0, get overdrive!
  • "pain is good for your soul" [BDSM and BodyModifications]
  • By making this information available in the public domain, we are making a major step in the right direction....
  • Jedna prochazka mestem zda se byt prochazkou databazi
  • To desire more than nothing is a hunger of the few...
  • Too Late For Innocence, Too Late For Regret
  • Normalnost sama o sobe je degenerativnim zlozvykem a proto jsem rada kazdemu elementu ktery ty cubce lame hnaty svou opravdovosti. Overdrive sem si nemohla nevsimnout, jiz za davnych casu. -- Truce
  • Jistým bodem pocínaje není již návratu. Toho bodu je treba dosáhnout. -- Franz Kafka
  • "Black is like the silence of the body after death, the close of life." -- Wassily Kandinsky
  • "Jesus died for somebody's sins, but not mine" -- Patti Smith

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